4 Reasons it’s time for a good clear out - Ask Active


So we’re already through the first couple of months of 2017 and you’re likely to still have things left over from the festive period lying around the house as well as everything you had before that might fall into categories like useful to keep, seasonal stuff or junk & clutter? Maybe it’s overcrowding your space but you haven’t quite got round to sorting it all out. It happens to all of us, so don’t worry, there is still plenty of the year left to tackle it. You may be asking yourself "why should I tackle it and where on earth will I put it?” We’ve got 4 good reasons why it’s not only space you gain from a good sort out.

1 It’s good for your soul

We’ve all read that clearing cupboards and drawers can contribute to a clearer mind and science has shown that living amidst clutter and disorganisation can increase stress hormones! Indeed you may have experienced it yourself. Addressing excess stuff stored around the home and sorting out personal possessions can give you a great sense of satisfaction and peace of mind whether in the garage, cupboards, drawers or floor space in your living areas. The result is more clear space in your home and your head! If you don’t know how or where to start why not take a look at our previous blog about de-cluttering your home.

2 You can do a car boot sale & earn some cash

A car boot is a brilliant way of getting rid of those redundant items or any piles of stuff that you have been accumulating over the years around the home, garage & garden. There could be someone out there looking for just what you don’t need anymore. Not just that, its gives you a great opportunity to meet new people and interact with your local community not to mention the extra money you’ll earn. Just make sure to keep on top of all of your stuff and not sell something that you will regret later. The other option to consider if selling things locally online via sites like Gumtree.

3 You can help a charity

You may not admit this or like it but if there’s one thing that many people are left with after Christmas is unwanted gifts! They might be this year’s gifts or a drawer full of amassed bits and pieces you’ve hidden away somewhere just in case. Whichever scenario you’re in, there’s no point in having those things collect dust and intrude on your space, so why not unload that excess onto your local charity shop. You’ll feel good that you are not only helping them out with supplies but helping yourself out in clearing some space, as well as repurposing the things you do want to keep and not just slinging things in the bin or taking to the rubbish heap.

4 You can easily store it all away

So you’ve had a good de-clutter and you’re left with a pile of things big and small you can to sell or give to charity but there’s some (or maybe even all of it) you feel reluctant to part with, thinking you might need them months down the line and you really don’t want to end up purchasing new again, (there goes what you might earn at the car boot!) There’s one easy way to get around this should I sell/give away/ or store dilemma... Just put some of it or all of it into your local self-storage facility. This way your things are still available to you anytime you like but without taking up that precious space in your home, garage and garden. You could even keep your hobby and seasonal stuff here like cycles, garden furniture, garden equipment and the kids’ outdoor play items. Then the next time you have a clear out you just use your self-storage unit as the storing and sorting ground for future car boot sales or charity donations leaving your home clutter free and stress-free (well maybe not from the kids but at least from your excess stuff!)