5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Self-storage


It can be a daunting task to purchase self-storage space with a myriad of conditions which need to be satisfied. In this post we’ll highlight the key things that can be forgotten when making such a big commitment.

Is the space is actually suitable for the specific items you need to store?

Think about how sensitive your items are going to be to the storage atmosphere. If you’re storing clothing or soft furnishings these will be sensitive to moisture. If you’re intending to store liquids or chemicals not only will they be sensitive to temperature but you may also need to see if they will be allowed to be stored in the proposed premises.

Are the premises manned 24 hours and what access will you have?

It’s important to know if there is going to either be someone who can allow you to access your goods out of hours or that you have some other form of access (your own key or keypad access for example). Also, if the premises aren’t manned, how close are they to local traffic? Is it easily visible or hidden away? Is there CCTV for the premises? The security of your storage space is of paramount importance so ensure you ask about any obvious flaws you can spot in their security systems.

Are there any issues with the condition that you need to be aware of?

Like buying or selling a house, there are a few unscrupulous storage salesmen who, unless they are asked directly, will not tell you about the crack in the ceiling, or the patch of damp in the corner or how cold it gets in the winter, or conversely how hot it can get in the summer. Always ask the question. If there is anything that crops up down the line, you’ll be in a better position if you do find out they’ve omitted something than if you didn’t ask in the first place.

Can they help with renter’s insurance?

Some providers can help to supply renter’s insurance, or you may be covered under their policy as part of the fee you pay. Always obtain a number of quotes but the providers may get some discount for partnering with a particular provider. Mishaps to happen from time to time so insurance cover is essential.

Do they have any references they can provide?

Check the online reviews before you speak to the salesman if you can. All businesses will have a negative review or two. If almost all of their reviews are negative this is a red flag but don’t let a couple of bad reviews put you off. Allow the person a chance to explain the situation. There are always two sides to every story and reviews can be very one sided. Ask them if they have any current clients that you can speak to for a reference.

In summary

The key to dealing with storage sales people is having an honest and open conversation. Ask whether the premises are suitable, are they secure and whether there are insurance options and you usually won’t go too far wrong.

If you need help kitting out your new storage space we have self-storage systems to suit your requirements. Talk to us about your next project.