5 ways self storage can improve your summer!


Start by Decluttering

We've talked in the past about how decluttering is so important especially because it creates a spacious feeling in your home but did you know it can also be beneficial for the mind? Decluttering has been proven to boost your overall mood quickly and can enable you to focus easily on the day ahead. It can have a beneficial impact on your sleep too. Putting your things into self storage can give your kids a lot more space to play in and also provide you with the vital room for family get togethers once the lockdown is lifted.



Store your valuable items before going on your summer holiday

Short term self storage is great for storing all your expensive household furniture, décor, and ornaments. It then allows you to enjoy your summer holiday safe in the fact that your valuable items are securely locked away. At the end of the day, you cannot beat the peace of mind this brings whilst you’re enjoying your holiday.



Pack in your winter items

Get your big woolly jumpers, coats, and boots, box them up and free up all the space in your hallway. Winter clothes and sports equipment need not take up your space ever again! Summers here so make room for it!



Clear out your spare bedroom

Family and friends will want to visit post lockdown and there's nothing worse than having no space for them! Start by clearing through your spare room and box up items you have no purpose for at present. Get yourself some self storage and ensure your house is welcoming for your summer guests post lockdown.



Stick your end of line stock into storage

Whether you are self-employed, work from home, or have a shop you will know the importance of rotating your stock. Therefore, store out of season lines in a self storage unit and enjoy the additional space you have created this summer!