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Self Storage Dividing Walls


Our market leading aluminium-zinc storage wall dividing panels are manufactured to be clean, secure and bright, helping you to sell rooms to your clients. These unit dividing partitions have a 1m cover width which reduces the number of joints in each full length of wall and inherently adds to the walls strength. This is enforced further by each panel being overlapped.

When fitted under a mezzanine floor all of our self storage panels, as standard, are secured with strengthening brackets. These purpose made, bespoke brackets help further in preventing unauthorised access to the units by adding to the rigidity of the system.

As an option, we can also provide this aluminium-zinc self storage walling to the rear of your self storage units around the perimeter of the building. This can be an advantage if :-

  • Your building walls are in a poor state of repair
  • There are numerous windows to the external walls
  • There are service cables and pipes which run around the edges of the building that need protection.

Wall Dividers are also very important, to find out more information about our products or services, don't hesitate to call us on - 01270 215 200