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Let Active Supply & Design take care of all your mezzanine floor design and construction needs including mezzanine floors for self storage buildings. We can suggest the best floor options that are right for you and your business. All of Active's floors allow you a choice of finishes for the design of the structural steelwork, column cladding, decking, staircases and handrail to compliment your building and to match your company's corporate image.

We are often asked about the height and weight requirements for our floors so, below, we have detailed the key points to both questions.


Preferably, your building should have a minimum of 5m to the eaves in order for a single tier mezzanine floor to be installed. The following table suggests other tier requirements.

Mezzanine Floor Tier Table





Depending on the future usage of your floor, we design the steelwork to withstand certain loadings. By far the most common loading in the UK is 4.8kN/m2 or 100lbs per square foot. This loading is also the most common when designing mezzanine floors in self storage buildings.

Mezzanine Floor Loading Table




All of our mezzanine floors are designed to all necessary building regulations to ensure the highest possible quality.

Mezzanine Floor Fire Rating | Structural Assessment