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Access Control Systems provide invaluable and controllable security management, whilst satisfying customer demands for high security for their personal possessions.

With an access control system you can feel reassured that only authorised self storage tenants have access into your building.

A Simple Access Control System

Basic systems consist of main entrance and exit keypads or swipe systems,. Advanced systems would include bespoke made sliding doors which are controlled by PC software and accessed by key fobs, access codes, finger print or iris recognition

Using Access Control Systems

From day one of installation, the self storage access control system is placed into service with all persons entering and leaving the building being logged on to the system.

Using the access system is simple. To enter the building, the user simply inserts a card, swipes a keyfob or inputs the PIN number, allowing the system to check whether access is to be granted or not.

Sometimes, a user may attempt access at the wrong door; or at the wrong time. In this scenario, the system will grant or deny access depending on the options that the self storage operator has allowed.

If a users access is denied, the attempt is recorded on to the system with the name of the tenant, the name of the door at which entry was attempted, the reason for rejection (wrong time, wrong door, etc.), and the time that the entry attempt occurred. With some self storage access control systems, it is possible to show a message on an external screen that tells the user the reason for the denial of access and what their next steps should be.

In some cases, it may be desirable to lock and unlock doors automatically. This is often done on buildings which are open to the public during the day, but are closed at night. In these cases, automatic locking and unlocking eliminates the need for a person to perform this function manually.

Most self storage facilities who use such technology do so in order to control the times that self storage tenants are able to access the facility as well as ensuring that tenants accounts are up to date.

If you require further advice or guidance as to which self storage access control system is right for you then get in contact now and our friendly team will do all that they can to help.