benefits of having dividers


Unlike the square metre office cubicles of the past where everyone was packed tightly together, partitions provide a crucial way of creating flexible working areas that make the most of the space available.

Office partitions are fitted for a number of reasons:
· Privacy from sound
· Privacy from being seen by others or from visual distractions
· Keeping visible information or conversations private
· To create meeting spaces separate from that of the main office
· To control odours around canteens and kitchens

Whether or not an office partition is right for your work environment all depends on organisation, available space and desired outcome.

For Privacy

Partitions can be used to reduce noise levels from crossing the office; giving staff a better opportunity to concentrate on their work without distractions and to take calls and attend meetings without too much background noise interference.

Increase comfort

Increase your workforce’s comfort with an office partition. An important factor when considering your employees is to give them their own space; one that belongs to them, even if it’s just a small one. Having their own space allows them to store items and change the appearance to suit their needs, and having more privacy will only help employees to stay more relaxed.

Promote health and productivity

Giving your employees their own space also comes with a variety of health benefits. Setting up a well organised space with ergonomic chairs and desks will reduce risks from badly positioned furniture. As well as that using well positioned LED lighting rather than fluorescent lighting can significantly reduce the strain on the eyes.

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