Benefits of Self Storage


If you ever need a bit of extra space to store items, be it short or long term then a self storage facility if what you need.


Help with your business

If you run a business and have business inventory, extra equipment or supplies, self storage is a great option for you. Having somewhere off-site to store all your materials and equipment will aid in keeping your workspace more organised.



Live in an area that gets particularly bad winter weather? If you do, then keeping your garden equipment, garden furniture or any items sensitive to cold temperatures protected is always a good idea.


The Hobbyist

You’ve spent precious time and money in obtaining all of the equipment that may come with your chosen hobby and over time you might be starting to struggle for space to store all of it. Self storage is ideal for storing it all as it can be easily accessed, meaning you can keep it all safe while still being able to access it whenever you need to.


Transitioning after a separation or divorce

If you find yourself having to move out of a family home due to separation or divorce, your best option is to rent a self storage until you get back on your feet. Self storage units can be rented on a weekly basis with short term notice to quit, meaning you can cancel your unit rental as soon as you find a new place.



You want to de-clutter your home but at the same time don’t want to throw anything away, well then, it’s time for a self storage unit. Create a more comfortable space in your home without worrying about getting rid of any heirlooms or sentimental items, whilst knowing they’re in a safe place.


Travel a lot?

Whether it's because of your job or you like to travel for recreational purposes, any bulky items you have that are an inconvenience to take with you every time could be put into storage. Giving you easier travel and peace of mind that they are under protection while you are away.