Correct design of self storage units or pods - Ask Active

The correct design and layout of self storage units or "pods” is of paramount importance to the success of a self storage facility. Optimisation of available space will increase profits for the self storage operator, proving a long term benefit by drastically increasing the return on investment. With over 25 years’ experience Active Supply & Design have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that every design we create makes best use of available space in buildings whilst also ensuring that building regulation approval is met.

In larger buildings the phasing of the building of pods will help with cash flow and allows future phases to be financed from revenue created by pods currently being rented. Active Supply & Design are experts in the designing of phased layouts and will ensure that any future construction of pods will not impact on the existing customers in the building.

The quantity of differing size units, known as "unit mix”, is a critical part of the self storage design process and requires vast experience to consistently provide the best solutions. Active Supply & Design have designed thousands of layouts over the last 25 years, achieving the optimum unit mix every time for their clients.

Active Supply & Design take local demographics in to account when designing the unit mix for a self storage facility. This unique approach, looking at many aspects of the area where the facility is located reaps benefits and plays an important role in getting the correct ratio of unit sizes.
The size of pods in a typical layout is normally between 16 and 200 sq ft with the majority being 25, 50, 75 and 100 sq ft. The average size pod across a self storage facility is normally 70 sq ft with smaller units attracting a higher return per square foott for the operator. The important factor is to be able to offer the customer a choice of unit sizes to suit their needs.

A successful self storage project requires the very best in design work, careful planning, attention to detail and expert project management. Active Supply & Design offer all of this and much more as standard, our ethos being that your success is our success.