Different storage doors available at ask active

Here at Active Supply & Design we have a variety of self storage doors and door options for use in conjunction with your self storage facility. It’s an important decision when it comes to choosing a door for your self storage facility.

Consideration must be taken; as a general rule we recommend having flush plastisol swing or flat doors if your units are 100 sqft or under and having roller or double swing doors if they are over 100 sqft.

We are able to provide all our doors in various sizes depending on your particular requirements and in a range of colours including Aztec Yellow doors, Cornflower Blue doors, Poppy Red doors plus many more.

Our plastisol coated swing doors as standard are either a 1m wide single leaf or a 1.5m wide double leaf both standing at a height of 2.1m, all delivered with "fixing free" front faces and rear strengthening bars included.

Our roller shutter doors or roll-up doors start from 1m wide but we would recommend going for a 1.5m – 2m door as this is a size that is generally sufficient for most applications. These type of doors are especially practical when storage units are to be loaded and unloaded using a vehicle.

And of course if you need doors then you’re going to need to get locks for them as well, we have locks and latches to suit all the types of doors provide. All of the locks we supply have decades of testing behind them in the UK and the whole of Europe and can all be ‘overlocked’ if you require to prevent access to the unit from another party such as a tenant for example.