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As part of our "concept to completion" package we can also design, supply and implement an electrical system for yourself storage building that will be carried out in accordance with the current 16th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations and certified in accordance with the relevant British Standards. As our experience of designing self storage facilities is extensive, we know exactly whichself storage components you need and want. From general and emergency lighting to fire alarm and smoke detection to sound systems, we have the ability to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently.


General lighting within the corridors is crucial to providingatmosphere of relative comfort and security.

General and Emergenacy Lighting Self Storage





All of ourlighting can be controlled in one of two ways. Either by PIR (motion detectors) or via switch. In todaysself storage industry, the vast majority of facilities are designed to use the PIR system.

Our partitioning system has been designed in accordance with the requirements of the general lighting system within yourself storage facility. Our corridor walling stops approximately 50mm away from the suspended ceiling which leaves enough of a gap to allow light to difuse into the unit from the aisles. This removes the need to install lights into every unit which in turn, save money on the installation.

On larger units of approximately 150 sq ft which are deeper, we would recommend the use of an individual PIR and light to aid the customer as light diffusion alone would be insufficient.

Whilst designing your facility we also must consider how people would leave your building if there was to be a power failure in your locality. For this pupose, it is necessary for us to design an emergency lighting schematic which lights up all designated escape routes and enclosures to facilitate safe access out into the open air. All necessary certificates are provided.


Your fire alarm and smoke detection systems work in tandem with each other to ensure that in the event of a fire, it is discovered as quickly as possible and that all persons in the building are alerted to this fact so that they can exit your building through the allotted routes.

All of our fire alarm systems are designed to B.S. 5839 part 1, which is enforced by local fire authorities and the building regulations.

Fire Alarm and Smoke Detection Self Storage