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Mezzanine flooring

Our mezzanine floors are supplied with a fire rating if needed

Supplying each of our floors with a fire rating satisfies the necessary requirements for Building Regulations Approval. There are a number of elements to this fire rating which MUST be present. These are:-


Our suspended ceilings attach to the underside of the mezzanine construction with hangers, trim and track. The 1200mm x 600mm, white, fissured ceiling tiles are then placed under the entire area of the mezzanine floor creating a timed, fire retardant barrier.


We provide all columns on your mezzanine floor with casings that, like the suspended ceiling, protect the steelwork from direct fire damage for a specified length of time. On standard warehouse mezzanine floors we would allow for galvanised casings throughout or if the client has any type of public access, a coloured version within those specific areas. When it comes to our self storage facility installation the end users would expect a retail environment. Therefore all of the mezzanine columns that appear around your loading area or in any location where they do not fall within a self storage unit, can be colour coded.


To maintain the fire resistance throughout the floor, any open edges around loading areas or stairs are covered with either a plasterboard or plastisol coated fascia. Either option can be colour matched to the rest of your warehouse / facility.


Fire blanket is installed vertically within the void of the mezzanine floor to separate the floor into compartments.

In addition to the items above, depending on the size of your mezzanine floor, you may also need to allow for the following items which we are also able to provide :-


Stair enclosures are now the norm within many warehouse environments and particularly in self storage facilities. They are a means for users to have a protected route of escape from all upper levels of the mezzanine floor. All necessary fire rated doors, door furniture, closers and decoration is included within our package.


Firewalls are not always necessary, but legislation does require them when the building in question is over a specific size.


Fire rating may seem like a minefield of information, but this is where we can help. Our experience with building regulations, mezzanine floors and self storage partition systems is an invaluable means of getting your facility from the planning stage to a successful business.

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