Getting the most from your Self-Storage


Your visibility
Your site will be as visible as possible to your client base although this criteria is not quite as important as it was as so many people now look with keyboards instead of their eyes! That said, visibility is still an important factor which can be potentially improved by the use of a blimp flying above your facility. Marketing is very important these days, make sure people can find you easily and make yourself as visible as you can in both the virtual and real worlds.

Always be Attentive
In business, first impressions count. Running a self-storage facility requires constant attention to detail, treat every phone call and enquiry as a sales opportunity. I have lost count of the amount of seemingly casual phone calls that progress in to long term clients, due in the main to being polite and attentive with excellent product knowledge and an understanding of client requirements. Always be polite and professional, it pays huge dividends.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help
Need some more help in managing your facility for self-storage? Why don't you get some extra training or use specialized business management software to help organize yourself? Do not hesitate to get some support or advice from the head office if you are a franchise owner. There are sales training courses specific to the self-storage industry, book yourself on a course and expand your knowledge.

Management Operations
Your storage facility should be managed in the same way as any other business, with special emphasis on security being crucial. Ensuring the protection of the stored properties is paramount, customers need to have total confidence that their possessions are safe. Observe safety procedures at your facility by keeping the property clean and in good repair at all times with functional fire equipment, CCTV and alarms. Properly manage expenses, particularly when it comes to your facilities such as maintenance, property taxes, utility bills, insurance, and operating costs such as office supplies, telephone and security services.

Customer reviews are an increasingly important platform for your self-storage facility. People place their business based on the reviews of fellow customers, the influence of reviews should be ignored at your peril. Ensure that your customer’s experience is a positive one and ask them to post a review. The majority of people who use your self-storage facility will not be visiting on a one off basis and will want to ask if you’ve seen their review next time they see you, if treated correctly in the first instance the review will always be positive.

Clients not paying on time
Please anticipate that a minority of your customers may be late in paying when using your service. You must have a strict guideline on payment frequency that must be followed in order to avoid any complications. Any deviation from the correct payment date should be addressed immediately and not be allowed to drag out, in turn making a mockery of your terms and conditions. Remember, it’s your business, don’t allow excuses, you have their possessions and can lock a customer out of their unit after following the proper procedures. Be friendly but be firm.