Profile Panel System - Meaning that the corridor walls are corrugated.

Flat Panel System - Meaning that the corridor walls are flat with a minor curviture across their length to aid in rigidity.

Plastisol - Plastisol is a generic name for the PVC based paint coating that is applied to the steel substrate in liquid form. Plastisols are available in a huge choice of colours.

High Gloss - High Gloss is a description given to the coating of a steel panel which resembles that of a "washing machine" finish.

Polyester Powder Coated - The steel substrate has a hot dipped galvanised coating and is primed and coated with high grade Polyester enamel paint.

Header Bars & Panels - A way to describe the horizontal door frame component above the door and the panels which slot in above it.

ASU - An "Active Storage Unit" is an external self storage container of approximately 200 square feet. It can encompass 1 or 2 roller shutter doors, each with their own locking mechanism.


Turn-key Fit-Out - The procedure whereby Active Supply & Design can look after your entire project from the initial planning stage to handover and beyond.

Gross Area - The total area of your building, including any areas created by any mezzanine levels.

Nett Lettable - The gross area of the building, minus any non-self storage rentable areas i.e. reception, toilets, corridors, loading bays, staircases etc.

Unit Mix - An excel table provided by Active Supply & Design to illustrate the differing sizes and quantities of self storage units possible within a building.


Mezzanine - In architecture, a mezzanine is an intermediate floor between main floors of a building. Mezzanines are used widely across Europe within self storage, distribution, general and industrial warehousing, offices and retail environments and are an ideal way of adding additional space easily, quickly and with cost minimisation in mind.

Column Grid - A means of explaining the distance north to south and east to west between the structural columns of a mezzanine floor. An example would be a 3m x 4m grid meaning that the distance to the centre of each column is 3m in one direction or 4m in the other.

Baseplates - Basplates are square steel plates, typically 10-15mm thick, that sit under each mezzanine column and which are utilised to "spread" the load across the ground floor slab of the building in a efficient manner and within structural parameters. Where poor concrete exists within a building baseplate sizes can be increased to provide greater "spread" of load across the area.

Fire Rating - All mezzanine floors in the UK must be fitted with fire rated materials to protect its components from fire thus enabling the structure to maintain its integrity for a longer period of time enabling persons to escape.

Electrical Fit-Out - The terminology to describe the installation of all electrical related items within a building. This can include general and emergency lighting, smoke detection, CCTV, access control and small power to name a few.


Plant - Plant includes all items used to carry out the installation of the items above and found throughout this website. This can range from fork lift trucks to scissor lifts to skips.

Programme of Works - The document provided by Active Supply & Design to identify key dates and tasks within a project.

Building Regulations - Communities and Local Government are responsible for building regulations, which exist to ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings. The regulations apply to most new buildings and many alterations of existing buildings in England and Wales, whether domestic, commercial or industrial.