Heating and Ventilating Self-Storage Facilities - Ask Active


A popular question amongst our customers is: Do you offer ventilation or heating in our self-storage facilities?

It is in fact uncommon to ventilate a self-storage facility as it expensive to install, maintain and provides scarce tangible benefit. Ventilated units do exist, but only in the form of converted buildings with ventilation too costly to uninstall.

Similarly, heating a storage unit happens only rarely. This is because heating would prove expensive and quite unfeasible, given users do not spend much time in self-storage facilities. Again there are exceptions, and a handful of users may elect for a small space heater in the roof space.

For these reasons ventilated and heated self-storage facilities are not currently marketable options. That’s not to say this won’t change in the future as our users’ needs continue to diversify.

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Please contact us for any queries you may have regarding heating or ventilation of your self-storage unit.

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