How do I choose the right Self Storage for me


Money may be tight at the moment, particularity with the COVID-19 situation so moving to a larger property may be out of the question for the time being. So with space at a premium, why not look in to self storage and see how amazingly affordable this problem solving solution can be!
If you are considering self storage it's important to look in to what several companies are offering and make sure you find the right package for you. At the end of the day, there are lots of self storage companies out there, make sure you get the right offering. Here are five things you may want to consider when choosing where to store your possessions.
What sort of storage do I require?
Getting the right, cost-effective storage is key. Firstly, make sure you know the difference between self storage and container storage. Have a good idea of the size you will need, the room needs to fit all of your gear in whilst accounting for any adjustments you may wish to make further down the line. If you are only going to half fill your room it will be a waste of money. It's key to make a note of the size you require and what things you want to store then get some companies to quote you. Remember it’s the floor area you’re paying for so make sure you make the best use of the available height.
Where is it?
You then want to consider whether you need regular access to your belongings. If you think you will need regular access to your storage unit heck the travel distances to and from the unit and then access how easy the storage facility is to get to. Is it inconveniently placed in the centre of a city or is it on the outskirts so you can get there quicker? Quite often you will find that many companies are nowhere near where they advertise on Google!
How many times might you need to visit your storage room and at what times throughout the day? Some self storage companies are open 24/7 but this isn't always the case and comes at a premium. Do you really need to access your goods 24/7?
Discounts and Offers
Special Offers and Discounts can be found in every self storage business. There are a lot of different offers out there, from your first month free, right through to long term discounts, most self storage companies will be running a promotion and many of them will be quite confusing. To get the best deal you must read the terms and conditions and be sure to price match. Perhaps visit the storage facility because meeting the staff members can give you a sense of the type of company they are, their professionalism and how much they are willing to help you. A good management team is key to giving you real confidence in the service they will offer you.
The Facilities
Safety and overall security are very important when choosing your self-storage provider. Keeping your possessions safe is a huge priority. Facilities that are professionally run and managed remove customers' fears about their possessions and create a long working relationship.
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