How do you choose the correct storage unit for your company

Before choosing a unit, there are several distinct factors to take in to account, and we're briefly looking at them below:
Size of Storage Unit:
Do not underestimate the importance of finding a business storage unit of the right size. Consider what you want to store inside and whether the space can fit all your belongings, as you investigate don’t forget to consider the height of the unit. Before you pick your unit, you should create a list of items that you want to store along with their dimensions, make sure that the unit will hols all you need it to. I suggest that you include for some extra space for any future expansion. Don’t forget that one of the advantages of self storage is that you can change the size unit you occupy with very little notice!
Have You Outgrown Your Home Office?
It's time to consider a business storage unit when you've finally had enough of working from home and the chaos this can sometimes bring!, You may have simply run out of space or are falling foul to the distractions that working at home provides. Self storage units provide you with the room you need to operate your company smoothly and guarantee that your company needs are met.
Security of the Premises.
What is the advantage of a business storage facility if it cannot ensure the safety of your property, be it your stock, materials or instruments?
At Ask Active, we are conscious of the importance of being able to either operate from your storage unit or store your belongings without worrying about security. Ask Active can install a 24-hour systems to include access control and the latest in alarm systems so you have complete peace of mind at all times. Whether it's day or night, you need never worry about the safety of your precious goods.
Are There Any Hidden Costs?
Surprises aren’t always nice, especially when it comes to unexpected storage costs. When looking for your storage space, make sure that you account for any hidden expenses, like utility bills. Most operators will insist on insurance, don’t make the mistake of under insuring your goods in storage.