how does self-storage work


Most individuals end up in need of self-storage at least once in their lives, but until it’s needed, it's not something you'd know much about. Many first time users of self storage are often confused about how self-storage works so we're here to clean up some of the confusion.

What is self-storage?

Self-storage is merely a service that allows people to rent storage rooms remotely, whether they are individuals or companies. This is usually because they don't have enough space on their premises or because they don't need to keep what they want to store on their own premises as this would take up valuable space in the home or business.

Self-storage allows the customer to rent space in which to store their goods and possessions with the space only being accessible by the customer who holds a key for their storage unit. The size of storage unit varies greatly with there always being a size of unit to suit each customers requirement.

Security is paramount at self-storage facilities, access control systems and CCTV are some of the things used to ensure that stored items remain safe and secure at all times. Modern self-storage facilities are very much a retail based offering with customer service being very high on the agenda with customers storing for varying amounts of time as there is not normally a fixed contract and people are free to store for whatever amount of time they wish.

Why do people need self-storage?

Self-storage is born out of the need for more space, but there are many reasons why people in their lives may need more space. One of the most common reasons for people searching for private storage is moving home where some or all of the furniture and private objects between properties are often required to be stored.

Personal storage is also wonderful to keep your products secure and make room for home renovation, declutter and claim back earlier unused room in your home or merely because your property is too tiny for some of your more sentimental but rarely used properties.

Storage space can be used for companies as extra inventory room and mini-warehousing, a key hub for inventory storage and operating an online business, archiving records that are still required for legal purposes, storing bulky exhibition equipment that is only required once or twice a year and even as inexpensive space from which to operate businesses.

Some of the more sombre reasons that storage is required include death and divorce, both a common reason for the use of self-storage space.

Whatever the reason, at some stage in their life, many individuals discover that they need some extra space, whether it's just a short term stay or even a long term and permanent solution.