How Secure is Self Storage

The UK has over 1,500 self-storage sites and it’s not always easy to know just how secure they are by doing a quick drive past. So the big question is, how secure are they?
The answer to that depends on what the company does to effectively prevent theft in the first instance. The customer needs to recognise the difference between a well managed and maintained storage facility and one that doesn’t value customer security!
Candid Camera!
A digital surveillance system (or more commonly known as CCTV) will effectively record the activity on the property over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be sure to ask what kind of surveillance they have in place. Surveillance that is stored on a hard disk or the cloud is far superior as opposed to tape storage because the digital option offers better quality video and audio.
Password Protected!
Facilities that utilise a 24 hour access system that require customers and employees to use a code or smart phone to gain access. Some rooms are also individually alarmed. This extra security measure greatly limits who can gain access and allows the administrators to review who has gained entry to the property if necessary.

Lighting the way!
You cannot underestimate the importance of proper lighting! Daily checks of the lighting are key and if there was a light bulb out – it’s gets replaced promptly! Look for facilities that have exterior lighting that could deter trespassers and ensure that all interior lighting is either motion lit or always activated.
A Nicely Maintained Property
Professional thieves know the vulnerabilities of a property from a broken keypad to a damaged fence. When choosing a self-storage facility, it’s really important to know that if an issue comes up it will be addressed quickly and promptly. Facilities that are lacking the proper resources or lack of staff are much more susceptible to being targeted for theft!
On the ball Employees!
Properly trained employees are trained to do a few key things that in turn will greatly reduce the risk of theft. For starters, they never keep a key to your unit. You’re the only one who will have the keys to your padlock. Secondly, daily checks to be sure all the occupied units are properly locked. If a room was left unlocked (as we all know mistakes can happen) it’s always important that there are employees on hand to double-check!
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