How the self storage market keeps maturing


How the self storage market keeps maturing

Here at Ask Active we support our customers with a first class service whether it’s for storage supplies or the complete construction of a self storage facility. In our last month’s blog we wrote about how self storage is proving a popular investment; the fact that we continue to see today that the market is no where near to reaching full maturity. There is still huge potential for growth in the storage sector and due to this fact, investors are choosing the industry as a safe place to watch their money grow.

The interest levels from business people in starting up a self storage facility continue to increase month on month as the sector reaches a greater percentage of the population, who; having known nothing about the offering beforehand, see that they could take advantage of additional storage space. This increase in popularity is a convincing argument for investors to place their money in to the sector. Storage users often stay for many months, if not years which makes the industry reliable for short, medium and long term growth, thus providing investors not only with quick returns on their investment, but also a long term outlook with positive exit strategies.

Moreso, the fact that the operations of a self storage business require very few employees – perhaps one, two or three depending on the lettable space that the building can achieve; mean that self-storage owners have far fewer overheads that the vast majority of industries.

So what does this mean for investors?

Good news for people who want to invest in the self storage industry, as this can be the perfect exit strategy for entrepreneurs wantingt to put their money somewhere safe. Self storage can give good short and medium term returns, as well as a huge pay day long term if you decide to sell your self storage facility/facilities to a larger chain.

For this reason, it is vital that your facility has expansion opportunities and here at Active Supply & Design, we can advise you on how those opportunities can be best used. Phasing a facility installation is not only the best news for your cash flow, but it also ensures that your mix of room sizes (unit mix) is really targeting your local area.

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