How to correctly prepare your clothes for storage - Ask Active


Correctly preparing your clothes for storage is vital if done incorrectly, it can cause damage to them over time down to things like mildew and insects and it’s even more important if you’re storing them for long term as you won’t be checking on them regularly and when you do notice the damage it will be too late.

Take these tips on board and your cloths could last in storage for year to come.

Clean your cloths

This is a pretty obvious one but make sure your cloths are clean and dry before storing, bits of food and dirt can stain over periods of time and will become increasingly difficult to remove and they can also attract insects.

Vacuum pack

Vacuum packing is a great way to store cloths but is only advised to be used if storing for a few months rather than longer periods as most natural cloths need air to preserve its structure. So taking the air away will compress the fibres and they can then take a fair while to to regain their shape.

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Alternatively use plastic containers
An alternative to vacuum packing is simply using good old plastic containers, this does not include plastic bags, I am talking about sturdy container that can be sealed airtight. Plastic bags can trap moisture and cause mold so avoid using at all costs.

Keep the environment stable
The recommended ideal environment for storing cloths is to be no hotter than 23°C and have a humidity level no greater than 55°C. Though you don’t need to be this particular, as long as the environment is kept cool, clean, dry and dark then you needn’t worry.

When storing your particulars
Pack your cloths correctly to avoid them getting squashed and misshapen. Store the heaviest items of clothing at the bottom of your container and the lighter pieces at the top to stop the shape of your clothing changing.

If you have cloths that need to be hanged then you can also get your hands on special wardrobe boxes which come with built in hanging rod, ideal for item such as suits but remember do not hang knitted items, make sure you fold these as they will lose their shape.