How to organise your self-storage unit and make the most of the space


Five handy tips on how to get the most out of your unit

1. Store what you only truly need to keep

We've all been there. It's all too easy to use your rental storage space as a dumping ground for things that might be useful in the future. What's the point in storing something that you may never use again. You may as well donate it to a local charity or sell it on eBay. This will free up vital space for items that you treasure more.

When boxing up items to be stored, ask yourself "is it useful, or beautiful?”, if not bin it! So if it's not an antique and has no sentimental value, then ditch it.

2. Pack away items according to how often you use them

A self-storage unit isn't to just be used for items you may need in a few years. Anything from garden furniture right through to Christmas decorations can go in there – just plan out how you want to order them. Items that you may need in the forthcoming weeks and months should be towards the front of the unit, and things once a year could be stored at the back.

Remember if you are not packing and unpacking the space regularly or leaving little paths to get to things you are more likely to be able to store more in the unit.

3. Get labelling, fast!

Labelling boxes and storage bins will remove any future headaches. Either use a number tallying system with a checklist that you keep pinned to the door of your unit. Or name the entire box after the room from which it came from in your house e.g. living room.

4. Store your furniture in an upright position

Try to store larger items upright, such as bed frames, headboards so that they use the full height of the unit, and ideally situate them at the back. If your wardrobes and drawers cannot be dismantled, make sure you pack them full of items. Don't forget, tables can also be used like shelves with items store below and above the table-top.

5. Stack em high!

Remember, when you organise your storage unit, ensure that you use the entire space, not just the floor. Pack your boxes sky high and also use bookcases and shelving to great effect. Consider placing your ladder in such a way to ensure nothing is out of reach.

Please don't forget the golden rule of storage! All heavy items must always be kept on the bottom, and more delicate and fragile items such as glassware and ornaments should be placed on the top. Finally ensure that your heavier boxes don't get crushed over time, make sure they are packed to capacity.

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