how to safely pack away your treasured items for next year - Ask Active

So you’ve polished off the last of the Christmas turkey and made countless turkey sandwiches! You now have the task of packing all of the decorations away for another year. 
At the end of the day it’s never going to be as much fun as putting them up, but it doesn’t have to be a huge chore. All you’ve got to do is embrace some clever storage solutions. 
To pack everything away you will need the following items, packing tape, a pair of scissors, marker pen, shelving units and of course some plastic storage boxes. 
You might want to also take a quick picture on your mobile phone of how the room was laid out. Just so that next year you can refer to the image and set it all up in the same place. 
While you are doing this keep a note of what you are packing away e.g. wreaths, tinsel, baubles etc as this will make it easier to setup for next year. 
If you organise your decorations into types and group them together. Try to keep the strings of lights around a piece of cardboard so that they don’t get all tangled up. Label indoor and outdoor as well to avoid confusion in the future. 
You could use plastic boxes with lids as they are ideal for keeping your items clean and dry wherever they’re stored. 

Christmas Tree storage
At the end of the day Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the good old Christmas Tree. However, when it comes to packing them away you might want to consider a tree storage bag, this will keep the tree clean and tidy but most importantly not damaged so that it can be used next year.
Also some trees are rather complicated to put together (with all the different sized branches etc) and some people prefer to colour code these so that it is easier to setup next year. 
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