How to turn a garage into a home office


More and more people are working from home due to the recent pandemic, the space for a dedicated home office is becoming important across the country. The options are huge when it comes to creating a home office space, however, if you are looking to create a dedicated home office that’s not in the main household, the garage could be the perfect option for you!

One of the great things about converting your garage is that they don’t usually require planning permission (although we would always advise you to check with your local planning department just to be on the safe side).

Let’s get started
Turning your garage into a home office is a task that does require some careful planning, so the first thing you’ll need to keep in mind is whether or not the garage is fit for the job. An architect will be able to advise you whether or not your garage is suitable to convert. Some older garages occasionally have a lot of problems or are badly built, so it’s always worth consulting a professional before starting any work. Once you can get started, you can begin the process of converting your garage into a home office.

Usually, most garages are built without insulation, so your first step would be to get this upgraded. With so many options to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice, but your builder should be able to recommend the best type for the job.

Electrics and Heating
If you’re going to be using your garage as a home office most of the time, you’ll want to make sure it’s comfortable in all temperatures and weathers, which is why planning your electrics and heating is crucial. A plumber will likely be able to extend your home’s central heating system or you could install wall-mounted electric heaters as another cost-effective option.

As you’ll be working in the room, make sure you have enough electrical sockets and access to a phone line should you require one. As with most work, internet access is key, so ensure you can safely run the internet to the garage, either with an ethernet cable or a strong wireless connection.

Furniture and Decoration
Once you’ve sorted the structure of your home office, you can then think about some decorations to liven up the place. A neutral colour scheme can help bring an element of calm to our ever-busy work lives, while a pop of colour can help alleviate your mood on a gloomy day. Think about the vibe you’re trying to create and create an online mood-board to help you visualise your ideas.

Furnishing your home office can be a daunting task but you’ll want to start with the essentials; a desk, chair and sufficient storage. Once you have the basics in place, you can focus on decoration – find the pieces that work for you and which allow you to remain comfortable and organised.

Ventilation and Light
Most garages offer little in the way of natural light, so you’ll need to spend some time thinking about how you’re going to bring this into play. Replacing the garage door with some see-through glass panels or sliding doors can be a way to bring in natural light, whilst increasing ventilation and transforming the space into a stylish area to be in. Another popular option is installing a roof light As always, consult a structural engineer before carrying out any big work.

Make use of extra storage space
If you need extra space now you’ve converted your garage or are simply looking for somewhere to store bits and pieces whilst you’re renovating, then one of our self-storage units could be the perfect option for you. With prices as low as a few pounds per week, you can safely and conveniently access your belongings any time you need them.

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