Integrating Into Your Existing Business



Removals and Storage companies together with other general warehouse operators are recognising the added value of integrating self-storage into their existing business. In doing so it is important that you are offered the right advice and the right products to suit you.

Having carrried out many installations for the removals and storage industry, we understand the considerations and complications faced and we can provide you with invaluable advice to enable you to successfully introduce self-storage alongside your existing container storage business. Self-storage, in most circumstances, lends itself ideally to storage and removals warehouses.

We just want to offer our reassurance that our aim is NOT to suggest that self-storage will replace your traditional storage crates and containers but rather compliment them and offer added value to your business.

To illustrate this point, we have developed a useful guide for warehouse operators that details the main considerations for your self storage integration. Click the document below to download it now.



If you are a removals and storage client and considering integrating self-storage into your existing business, then Active understand the flexibility you will need in our products to achieve this successfully. Whether you use our partitions on the ground floor or on an additional mezzanine level, we can provide you with a system that will integrate successfully in to your existing environment whilst maintaining the necessary areas required for your conventional customer crates or containers.


We are an associate member of the BAR and we want to support Removals and Storage companies. When we are approached by a removals business, our aim is to help them to decide if self-storage can integrate successsfully into their existing crates/containers business NOT to replace it. In our experience self-storage and traditional removals and storage can work successfully together.

We are also a member of the UKWA and have historical links with many warehouse operators whom we provided with racking and shelving systems.