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Kickerplate is a useful and practical self-storage component offering an effective solution to your facility's corridor walling system if it suffers from damage caused by trolley's and movement of large items through the aisles.

Active Supply & Design have made a number of options available to you:-


The flat kickerplate option can be manufactured at any height, up to and including 1m; with our most requested height being 300mm. This self storage kickerplate can be supplied and installed to you in either a polyester powder coated material which means that, like the door frames, it can be manufactured and painted in any RAL colour specification to compliment your self storage design branding. Alternatively, we can also provide the kickerplate in an aluminium chequer plate design.

The flat kickerplate can be retro-fitted to your self-storage corridor walling system so you can run your first brand new facility for several months before taking an informed decision as to its necessity.


Our integrated self storage kickerplate system is designed to unite the kickerplate itself with the bottom track of the corridor / hallway walling. This offers a number of benefits including reduced installation time and enhanced rigidity of the self storage walls.