Lets make it a Happy New Year with Ask Active


As the year closes in and everyone’s had their moments of fun, joy and excess, there are going to be a fair few of you out there that will be considering what your New Year’s resolution for 2017 is going to be and how exactly you are supposed to succeed in fulfilling that promise to yourself.

Now you might not instantly put these two together and you won’t be judged for not doing so, as it will probably surprise most to know that self storage facilities are actually able to aid you in achieve more than a couple of the more common resolutions.

Having doubts? You can find out what we’re talking about below:

Getting in shape

Probably ‘the most’ widely gone for resolutions of them all is the promise to yourself to get in shape and overall healthier. Now you can simply start running or join a gym to achieve this but not everyone likes doing these things and would rather be able to work out in the comfort of their own home, but not everybody’s going to have space to do so, especially if buying actual equipment. This is where the storage unit comes in to play, allowing you to store items that aren’t used regularly to make space for your home gym/workout area.

Having a de-clutter

Something that may seem as simple as a de-clutter is still a worthy resolution to make, everyone accumulates things they don’t really need during the course of the year and some more than others. January is the best time to tackle this problem and while you might decide instantly that some things just need to get thrown away, others you could be very undecided on and you’ve guessed it, that’s where the storage unit comes in again giving you the option of mulling the decision over for a little bit longer without having to take up precious space in your home.

A home renovation

Whatever it might be that you’ve decided to do to your place of residence to give it a bit of a renovation, whether it be a small change or a complete overhaul, it’s never easy to do any kind of refurbishment when your belongings are in the way. A storage unit gives you somewhere you can put your possessions without the worry of them being damaged or lost while the renovation is being undertaken.

Doing some travelling

So you’ve decided to go travelling as your new year’s resolution, well a self storage unit is perfect for storing away your prize possessions whilst you're away or you could even use it to store all of your stuff, which then leaves you with the option of renting out your property while you're away, giving you an added income for a bit of extra spending money while on your travels.