Self Storage



Did you know that self-storage lockers are the highest yielding products in a self-storage facility and therefore a valuable self storage component to consider as part of your facility design layout? Why? Because the smaller the space, the more expensive the rate becomes. A twin height unit can return upwards of £50 per sq ft per annum. The most popular locker configurations are 1 or 2 high depending on the layout of your self storage facility. 


The lockers are also extremely flexible and can be placed in those awkward areas of the building where little else can be done with the space.

There are two types of self storage locker available:- 

  • First is a factory assembled, standalone self-storage locker that can be manufactured with or without wheels. This can be delivered to your facility and be ready for you to place and rent upon its arrival.

  • The second is a "built-in" or "integral" version of the locker which ties in seamlessly with the design of your self storage walling system.  

Each of these options gives you a choice of colours for your doors, to match those of your existing self storage rooms.