Mezzanine Floors in Self-storage Buildings

A mezzanine is an intermediate floor between main floors or ground and roof of a building.
Although many options are available, in a perfect world scenario, your building should have a minimum of 4.65m to the eaves in order for a single tier mezzanine floor to be installed and depending on the future usage of your mezzanine floor, the steelwork should be designed to withstand certain loadings. By far the most common loading in the UK is 4.8kN/m2 or 100lbs per square foot.
Mezzanine floors in self-storage buildings are hugely beneficial as they offer an opportunity to install another floor of self-storage units within the facility, provided the site has sufficient height clearance, therefore providing additional revenue streams.
Active Supply & Design are experts in the design, supply, delivery, construction, and installation of mezzanine floors for self-storage buildings and over the past 23 years have installed thousands of mezzanine flooring systems of varying types throughout the UK and across Europe.
Mezzanine floors from Ask Active are unique and designed specifically for your building.  They can be single tier or multi-tier and are manufactured to suit the height of your building allowing you to increase your usable space, which in turn will increase your profitability.
Mezzanine floors in self-storage buildings have become a popular solution for businesses looking to increase their available space.  They are also much more cost effective and convenient that moving to a new property.

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