More space with shelving - Ask Active


Shelving can often be the best way to go - especially if you are short on space and your old storage system is inadequate.

A huge advantage of shelving is that it takes up minimal floor space whilst helping to eliminate clutter.

The bottom line is - shelves are versatile! There are so many options available to help you get more from your space. Shelves are perfect for small rooms where floor space is an issue and bulky furniture would simply add to your existing problem.

Go high! More space for shelving

High shelving running around the room will not only look stylish, but enable you to utilise the ceiling space and the wasted area above doors. This is a great way to draw clutter away from the eye line, whilst making the room feel well organised.

Different types of shelving!

Why not use old wooden ladders as a storage solution. They can have a rustic appeal whilst also saving you money. Maybe start by using a ladder to hang your towels, or give your bathroom that spa feeling with some floating wall shelves! Shelves in bathrooms are great for displaying luxury bath products, folded towels on a bathroom shelf give a feeling of calm.

Why not get a little funky!

Transform your passion into an interior design dream by using a retro suitcase as shelving, just turn them on their end and maybe fit out with extra shelves. Remember- for safety, if you hang them on the wall, make sure you use the correct wall fittings. You can also think about other ways of using your hobbies and interests to help store items, such as old surfboards or skateboards!

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