Moving with the Seasons - Ask Active


Are you a remover offering containerised storage? Over the past few years Active have realised they’ve helped many removals companies across the UK widen their existing customer base and increase revenue by building and renting self-storage rooms alongside their existing operation. Not so long ago this was an entirely new concept so clearly there is something about self-storage that really works and meets the demands of modern day family life and small businesses.

Spring is not far away and many people have a cluttered house after Christmas not to mention a cluttered mind. Springtime is associated with a good spring clean and clear-out and self-storage offers the ideal solution to help people clean up, tidy up and store away items that they want to move but not lose. Likewise, summer months can bring winter equipment storage needs along with the University student/ traveller needing temporary storage. Also consider the keen hobbyist, all year round small business operators working from their self-storage unit; perhaps sending mail-order items out or other small businesses like tradesmen needing access to equipment regularly, or even units being used as a gym or fitness studio! By the time the winter months arrive, space is needed for garden equipment, outdoor toys and jet skis to name a few. The SSA 2016 Annual Survey by Cushman and Wakefield said "Average net rental rates have now reached the highest level seen over the last 10 years, increasing beyond the previous peak experienced in 2010.” Click here to read the full survey.

Active’s team are here to help you set up in self-storage from supply only self-storage walls, partitions and doors to full self-storage design and construction with plenty of setting up advice along the way. If you have the roof space, a mezzanine floor for additional self-storage units can further increase your rental income per sq ft. Self-storage design and constructionis our speciality along with delivering excellent customer service tailored to your needs. You might find our Looking to Start-Up Guide helpful too.

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