New storage company set ups


Everything you need to know!

Are you thinking of starting a new self-storage company? Do you need help and advice on what you need when setting up? We’re here to help.

Owning a self-storage business can be a very successful and profitable venture when set-up correctly. As a self storage business owner, you will be responsible for the personal property and valuable belongings of your customers which is a big responsibility, but simple and straight forward when planned properly and with common sense.

At Active Supply and Design, we want to direct you through the setup of your self-storage facility, from concept to construction and assist you in developing a successful storage facility. Whether you decide to construct a new build facility or already have an appropriate warehouse that you are looking to convert and fit-out, we have the experience, design and manufacture know-how to guide you each step of the way. This blog will help you to understand exactly what you need to set up your own self-storage company.

Register you business
First of all you will need to research registering or license your self-storage business and its name. We can help and advise you on this for the best business plan.

Make sure you comply with regulations
As the UK's largest self storage fit-out company we regularly deal with local authorities and the fire brigade to ascertain the correct level of protection for your customers. This may involve some degree of compromise with the design layout, but ultimately, your self storage facility will meet with building control requirements and you will have peace of mind because of our input during the early design stages.

Make sure you get best insurance
You should protect your business assets in addition to the personal property of your customers. We can help you with what options you will have when purchasing insurance.

Choosing the location for your self-storage business
Consider some significant factors when selecting a location. The size of the land you need will be dependent on how many units you want and the size of them. Additionally, when selecting a location, you should be in a safe area, and close to a good population of potential clientele. But be sure that you have enough space as your business grows. From site selection to local demographics, traffic flow to self-storage feasibility studies and beyond, we will help you to decide what the best options are for your project.

Choosing the layout for your self-storage units

We can discuss with you your options and decide which layout would be most profitable for you whilst also ensuring that anyone who walks through your door, will have a room size to suit them. We can help you with our self storage systems and installations with industry leading help and advice in selecting the right type of self storage system, whether it is flat walls, profiled walls, plastisol walls or high gloss walls; the appropriately sized self storage doors; roller doors or swing door systems and many other items and self storage systems that you can add to your self-storage facility wish list. All of our self storage systems, system installations and materials are manufactured and installed to your exact specification. We can provide secure materials for your units that are easy to maintain.

External access rooms / units
Externally accessed self-storage units are a great way to use otherwise empty space within the grounds of your self storage facility, which in turn gives your self storage tenants a greater range of options when visiting your building. Our external access portable units are purpose built for this application and command much higher returns than standard shipping containers offered by many. Our self storage units with drop down roller shutter doors make the self storage unit; user friendly as well as being attractive, with corporate colours being an option on all self storage units and external garage storage units. Once your prospective tenants see the quality of our external storage units, they will never consider moving back to a shipping container.

Reception and Offices
This is where people will first meet you and so where the first impression of your company is made. In turn, this area is also hugely important in establishing and maintaining the overall brand of your organisation. It must be an integral part of your brand identity and image and provide your customers with a feeling of security, hospitality and trust. For this reason, it must be designed to be useable on a constant basis with room for storage space of files and contracts out of general sight and areas set aside for your new self storage customers to sit and discuss their new unit. We can also provide slat wall storage for the sale of your ancilliary goods such as tape, bubble wrap, covers, gloves and padlocks.

Keep your storage buildings safe. Security for each customer's self-storage unit is of primary importance. Active Supply & Design can offer you a choice of components to suit your budget, which are wide ranging without being intrusive and include CCTV, access controls, sliding doors, intruder alarms and security management.

Facility Management

If you are soon to open your very first facility the cost effective and efficient management of the building is paramount to its continued success within the local economy and industry as a whole. From analysis of unit room mix trends to key marketing techniques that actually work, it is important that you take advice from the right people in the industry; those with the working knowledge and experience of all aspects of self-storage facilities. That is where our experience here at Active Supply & Design is unique in the self storage market. Our friendly and professional team have over 100 years of combined experience within the self storage market and will be more than happy to share it with you. In recent times, our team have also managed numerous self-storage facilities and so have hands on knowledge of what is needed to make the grade and produce a first class self-storage operation.

So if you're considering constructing your first self storage facility we can help you to decide what the best options are for your specific self storage construction project including:
•    storage sites
•    local demographic
•    traffic flow
•    financing
•    pricing
•    feasibility studies

We can then design and construct your self storage facility to meet all of these requirements and include all of the elements that you need including:
•    mezzanine floors
•    self storage walls
•    self storage doors
•    lock and key
•    mesh
•    security systems
•    electrical installations
•    a reception and office

We offer all of this together with the assurance that you're dealing with the most respected self storage consultancy and self storage construction company in Europe and that your self storage construction project will be completed on time and on budget.

In a perfect world, you need three things to set up a self-storage facility: money, property and ambition. In practice, if you have two out of three, you have got the chance to make a success of self-storage. From initial site acquisition, to facility / reception design and installation, security layout, access control, what to look for in a site manager and marketing techniques all the way to disposal of your site at the maturity stage; our team can advise you as to how best approach each and every possible aspect.