New Year, New Start – with Self Storage


December and January are the times of year we tend to remember in the year behind us and make plans for the forthcoming year. So whatever New Year resolutions you are going to make we all need to start as we mean to go on.

After all the activity of the Christmas period and the increased volume of ‘stuff’ in the house, it’s natural to think about having a de-clutter. After the Christmas Tree and the decorations are taken down, your house can feel bare or bereft, and so makes a perfect time for a good old sort-out.

So rather than shoving all the decorations into your garage or loft - why not consider taking out some Self-Storage? With discounts for long term storage, you can also pay upfront and enjoy the benefits of having your room all year if required. And it’s not just Xmas related stuff you can keep here – you can store whatever you like. Imagine having all your caravan gear in one place? Maybe the blow-up paddling swimming pool and Barbeque could live in storage too! Maybe the garage could be used to store your car! Lol!

Get back some head-space back by clearing your house!
January is also sale time! Many of us wait for those early bargains to make big house purchases. But what happens if the old sofa (or bed or kitchen table) is still in good working order? Do you sell it? Do you keep it, or to use for that upcycling project you’ve been itching to try? If the answer to any of these is yes – then a storage room could be exactly what you require!

Whether you’re having a clear-out, re-decorating, or simply wanting to gain control of your home again – we can help. Having your Self Storage room couldn’t be easier.

So why not get in touch, and get your year started the way you want it to continue! Call the team at Ask Active on 01270 215 200 or email