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If you are starting a new company or diversifying your existing business to take advantage of the self storage boom, you will no doubt be focused on minimising your initial capital expenditure. Active Supply & Design believe that phasing your self storage facility correctly will ensure that both your short term and long term profits are safe guarded.


As a Company, we are focused on long term client partnerships and not just on making quick profits. We therefore recommend the best option for each individual business. If we believe that the phase that you, our client, wishes to pursue is too large, we will justify why a smaller phase should be considered further.

Likewise if a greater number of rooms is preferable to take advantage of economies of scale, then again, we will clarify our reasoning to you. The way we look at it, for new start up businesses, there is little point in having 400 rooms available for rent on your opening day.


We may suggest that the best course of action would, for example, be to :-

  • Install a mezzanine floor
  • Install all necessary fire rating for means of escape
  • Install ground floor units only
  • Install all necessary electrical packages for building regulations approval
  • Apply finishing touches such as painting the floors and directional signage

This way, you will have units to sell to your clients from day one, within a facility that adheres to the building regulations and scope for adding additional units on the mezzanine in the future.

From this point on, your target is to fill these rooms. Once you reach 50% occupancy, we can then begin to design your next phase of units on top of your mezzanine. This is not only advantageous for cash flow purposes, but it also enables you to narrow your focus as to which size rooms are selling best for you so that the final design can be tailor made towards your ground zero market research.

There areof course, many other considerations affected by phasing, such as lifts, access control systems and CCTV operation, but all these would be determined on a site by site basis.


If you’re adding a new phase to your existing self storage facility, we can analyse your current unit sizes and compare that to your vacant unit charts to ensure that your next phase fits the demand and demographics that you and your facility is targeting.

We can advise on the right size of phase that you need to install to ensure that your spend vs return ratio is optimised.

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