Planning your self storage facility properly...


If you get the design and planning of your self storage facility spot on, you will not only save yourself an enormous amount of time and money, but also set your business up for a long and successful life!

Here at Active Supply & Design, we help people like you to properly plan the design of a self storage facility, which in turn will guarantee a smooth construction phase and a flourishing business for years to come! 

·         Here are just a few of the things that you should have on your check list that can often easily get overlooked in a design stage by those with less experience!  

·         Appearance stands for a lot. Walls and doors should be bright, inviting colours which create a retail environment and emanate a feeling of safety and security.

·        It is imperative that you ensure that it is easy to monitor who is entering and leaving the building at all times and that entrances are kept to a bare minimum (it’s best to just have one!) 

·         The reception should be easily accessible both from the outside and inside of the building and your loading area and reception should be clearly marked, to ensure that new customers feel at ease in approaching the building. 

·         Access to upper levels should be made simple and easy. This doesn’t always mean that a lift is required. Depending on building size and number of mezzanine floor tiers, either a simple wide staircase could be utilised for all access or whether a goods lift or passenger lift may be preferable. 

·         Corridors should be designed wide enough to allow easy access for trolleys so that damage to corridor walling is minimised, but narrow enough so as to return the best possible lettable space for the building, which will in turn maximise the rental values of the building!

·         Larger rooms should have wider doors for the movement of pallets and bulkier items. 

·         Larger facilities may consider the use of glazed, sliding access control doors to allow access to customers via key fob or keypad entry. 

·         Upper floor rooms should be protected above with the use of rolled mesh or welded mesh panels. 

·         It is vital that all components meet with the standards demanded by building control and the fire officer, which is yet another thing that we can ensure happens for you.  

·         Escape from the building in the event of an emergency should be made available at all times. The local fire officer can visit site at any time to check that your facility meets these standards. As part of our project management service, we ensure that the fire officer reviews such plans before we commence works. 

·         CCTV should be placed at all access and egress points to monitor activity and to act as a means of prevention.

 ·        The provision of toilets is important for all stores as some of your tenants may spend several hours in your facility.

Active Supply & Design are specialists in the planning, design, construction, management and maintenance of self storage facilities! When it comes to self storage there is nothing that we cant help you with, so if you’re looking for any advice or guidance please do not hesitate to give our dedicated and friendly team a call on – 01270 215 200 or drop us at email at -