Mission Statement

Our mission is to consistently provide leading and inspiring self storage construction solutions that are client focused and competitive. By doing this, our aim is to enable our clients to walk away from the "Active Experience” secure in the knowledge that our commercially aware and highly competent staff are concerned solely with their present and future objectives.

Equal Opportunities

Ask Active is committed to developing, maintaining and supporting a policy of equal opportunities within its workplace and in its appointment of new staff. We aim to sustain an environment where our staff are treated impartially regardless of age, sex, race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic origin, creed, disability, sexual orientation, gender, marital or parental status, political belief or social or economic class. This policy includes the commitment to maintain a working environment free from sexual harassment.

The Company will seek to develop programmes and procedures in order to maintain and enhance equality of opportunity whilst at the same time sustaining and accepting diversity. Our overall aim is to ensure that no job applicant or employee should receive less favourable treatment on any grounds not relevant to good employment practice.

Employees will be recruited, remunerated, developed and promoted purely on the basis of merit and ability and will be given every opportunity to demonstrate these characteristics in the workplace.

Quality Statement

Ask Active’s on-going pursuit of quality provides the framework for everything we do. Our commitment to this process will enable the Company to achieve excellent long-term relationships with our existing clients whilst systematically venturing into new areas to obtain others.

The Board of Directors is responsible for and committed to, supporting the quality process and for creating an atmosphere that encourages the active participation of all employees within the enhancement of the process, thus creating individual and Company accountability through the use of auditable and traceable records of work.

Quality within the Company is the responsibility of each and every employee, without exception, and in this respect all employees are expected and encouraged to set high standards and to maintain these by identifying potential issues and overcoming them in a calm and methodical manner.

Health & Safety Commitment

Ask Active believes that the effective management of health and safety is an essential element within its overall business plan. A working and practical health and safety ethos is reflected in high productivity and quality standards.

Our employees are our most important asset and we are committed to safeguarding their health, safety and welfare at all times. We believe that early prevention is not only better; it is also more cost effective than a later cure. We do not allow conflict between humanitarian and commercial considerations and profits and safety do not compete; they go hand in hand. Health and safety is sound commercial sense.

From the legal perspective, we are committed to full compliance with all health and safety legislation. Whenever it is reasonably practicable and appropriate, we will strive to set standards beyond our statutory obligations. We will monitor and review our processes and procedures on an ongoing basis, in order that potential improvements in our health and safety standards can be recognised and implemented.

Our intentions are:-

  • To provide adequate and effective control of the health and safety risks related to our work activities, our resources and our equipment.
  • To involve our employees in consultation on matters affecting health and safety, and to encourage a free exchange of views and concerns.
  • To provide and maintain safe resources and equipment.
  • To ensure the recognition and safe handling and use of substances that might constitute a health or safety risk.
  • To provide our employees with the appropriate information, education and supervision to ensure that they are competent in their duties.
  • To do everything that is reasonably practicable to prevent accidents and instances of work-related illnesses.
  • To maintain a safe and healthy working environment.
  • To review and, where appropriate, revise this policy regularly, and to assess its ongoing effectiveness.