Prepare your home for Autumn


So as the weather starts to turn colder – you should start to think about getting your home and garden winter-ready.



Why not start by trimming back those overgrown trees and bushes that have had a growth spurt over the summer months. Remove dead foliage and bulbs and plant out your bulbs for the following spring. Clear your gutters from leaves and prevent leaks by clearing out your gutters in autumn.



Pack away your summer kit, check the roof for leaks and ensure all your tools are stored away nice and safe (it might be a good idea to give them a clean beforehand too).



Clear your chimney and ideally use the services of a professional chimney sweep! Chimney fires are on the rise in Great Britain and should be cleaned annually to remove obstructions like birds nests and branches/leaves.



Now that the colder months are here ensure that all your radiators are working properly – bleed them if not.



If it hasn’t been serviced get it booked in. Remember, as the winter months start to loom booking a heating engineer becomes more difficult so get one booked asap. Prevention is better than cure!



Spiders are always a nuisance in the winter months but you could try blocking any gaps where spiders could enter with peppermint oil! According to research using peppermint oil (or tea bags) placed around your house may help deter spiders from making their home in your home!


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