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Although Active Supply & Design specialise in taking the pain and stress away from your self-storage construction project by supplying and managing all elements of the process, we are also happy to help if you feel it more appropriate to install the self storage components yourself on a supply only basis.

It may be that you want to make some minor repairs to your self storage units or you have experience in an industry with a product similar to self-storage partition systems. If this is the case and you would prefer to install them when you have the time and labour resources available we will be happy to manufacture, supply and deliver the components of the system to your door.

If you have experience in the self storage sector and already have a building, the process is simple. Just tell us what components you require and we will supply them direct to your door, even complete with a fork lift truck for offloading if you do not have one at your facility.

Alternatively, if you are a new entrant to the self-storage market, you may not be too familiar with the list of components needed for a self storage partitioning system. If that's the case, simply tell us and we will help you to understand the requirement from start to finish.

Whatever the case, we can provide you with technical help throughout the self-storage build and beyond.  
Just give us a call on 01270 215200 or contact us here