Referral Scheme


We are proud to announce that we have now introduced the Active Supply & Design self storage referral scheme. This scheme will allow us to reward you for taking the time and trouble to recommend our self storage goods and services to friends, family or associates.

We feel this is a natural extension to our customer service ethos and reconfirms Active as market leaders and innovators in the Self Storage fit-out industry.

Referral rewards will be paid on new introductions at completion of the undertaken project, and will vary depending on the size of the project in question. Whilst we are unable to configure set amounts due to the varying nature of projects undertaken, we will however guarantee that you will not be disappointed with your reward.

To take advantage of this scheme please make us aware from the outset that you wish to be considered for a reward, at which point we will ensure that all necessary criteria is met by both yourself and your recommended party. We will then confirm your eligibility for inclusion in the self storage referral scheme and proceed with the enquiry to our normal high standards and efficiency levels.