Mezzanine flooring

Building Regs






Our focus is to ensure that your experience using Active Supply & Design for your next mezzanine floor, whether within your self storage facility or general warehouse, is streamlined and effortless and for that reason, we can undertake all necessary building regulations applications on your behalf.

As we already have fantastic relationships with all local authorities around the UK, we are in a position to be able to advise and guide you through the necessary regulatory obligations that you and your new mezzanine floor will need to achieve in order to satisfy all relevant building regulations.

Prior to submitting your building regulations application, we will have already negotiated with the local authority and fire brigade to ensure that items such as fire escape locations, escape distances, fire rating requirements and staircase positioning have all been satisfied, so that once we have designed and installed your mezzanine flooring, it will be appropriate for its use and achieve certification.

Our sales and design team at Active Supply & Design have been providing this service since our business began in 1991, so there are very few companies with as much knowledge and experience; meaning that you can sit back and relax whilst we ensure that your project meets all building regulations in a timely manner allowing you to focus on running your business.