Self Storage

Security for each customer's self-storage unit is of primary importance. Active Supply & Design can offer you a choice of self storage components to suit your budget which arewide ranging yet unintrusive.







Our CCTV packages are designed to fit each and every self storage facility individually. The multiplexors, flat screen displays, storage and usage are all designed to your specific requirements and budget. We ensure that our CCTV cameras cover all important areas of your building including the main entrances and exits and in each and every aisle to act as one of the main crime prevention components.

Intruder Alarm

Our intruder alarm systems are all wired centrally to an alarm panel which is in turn connected to a Redcare (24 hour online monitoring) centre for your piece of mind and convenience. All of our alarms are installed by NACOSS-approved teams guaranteeing a high standard installation.

Access Control

Access Control






Access Control Systems provide invaluable and controllable security management, whilst satisfying customer demands for high security for their personal possessions. This access control system can facilitate only authorised access into your building or even individual unit. How far you wish to take this access control is simply up to you and how much flexibility you would like to allow your customers.

Basic systems would consist of main entrance and exit keypads or swipe systems, whereby a maglock would allow or deny entry.

Advanced systems would include bespoke made sliding doors which are controlled by PC software and accessed by key fobs, or access codes or finger print recognition.

Further to this, your facility could be installed with individual door alarms to each and every self storage unit enabling a fully managed system that can control access even at an unattended site. This system can register the visitor's presence and simultaneously deactivate their personal storage room alarm providing a managed audit-trail of access.

All systems present the operator with the opportunity to deny entry permission should a specific reason occur to do so.