Security design for your facility - Ask Active


Having a tight, unfailing and consistent security system in place is of vital importance for your self storage facility. Your clientele are entrusting you with their belongings, a lot of which will be very valuable in both sentimental and monetary terms. So it is important that you have a security system designed to cater to your and their exacting needs.

Security for each customer's self-storage unit is of primary importance, so it’s something you need to get right. Here at Active Supply & Design, we can offer you a choice of components to suit your budget, which are both wide ranging and unintrusive.

An intruder alarm may sound obvious but it’s important to install a high quality one. Our intruder alarm systems are all wired centrally to an alarm panel which can in turn be connected to a ‘Red care’ 24 hour online monitoring centre for your piece of mind and convenience. All of our alarms are installed by NACOSS approved teams to the latest edition of the IEE wiring regulations; guaranteeing a high standard installation.

We provide CCTV packages, individually designed to fit each and every self storage facility. We make certain that our CCTV cameras cover all areas of importance in your building, including the main entrances and exits (internally and externally) as well as each and every aisle, acting as one of the  major crime prevention components.

Internal glass sliding doors are a fantastic add-on security product for your self-storage facility. The doors act as a security barrier to the inside corridors of your self storage building and require customers to have either a PIN code or swipe fob in order to be able to enter the self storage facility. All security doors supplied by Active Supply & Design open and close quickly to enable rapid access to the facility whilst also providing appropriate safety features.

We can also design, supply and install Access Control Systems tailored to suit your businesses needs. Access Control Systems provide controllable security management, whilst satisfying customer demands for high security for their important personal possessions. An access control system means only authorised personnel have access in to your building or even in to individual units if you so desire.

We can design the access control system to suit you and cater to how much flexibility you would like to allow your customers. Basic systems consist of main entrance and exit keypads or swipe systems to allow entry. Advanced systems can include bespoke sliding doors which are controlled by PC software and accessed by key fobs, access codes or even finger print recognition.

In addition to this we can fit your facility with individual door alarms for each and every self storage unit, enabling a fully managed system that can control access throughout your building. This system can register the visitor's presence and concurrently deactivate their personal storage room alarm providing a managed audit-trail of access. The systems provide you with the opportunity to deny entry permission should a specific reason occur to do so.

Security should be at the top of your list of priorities if you own or run your own self storage company. If you’re looking to install a security system please do no hesitate to call us for advice and information about our services - 01270 215 200.