Self-Storage Access Control & Security


Security is critical when customers choose a self-storage facility with many customers looking for a facility with individual alarms and CCTV video surveillance.

To your customers, storage facilities on a trading estate will always appear less secure than those in a central area so it is imperative that your facility has high quality security systems in place for your customers' peace of mind.

Peace of mind can be accomplished by installing access control and security systems. Active Supply & Design offer you a choice of CCTV systems, access control panels and individual unit door alarms to suit your budget which are wide ranging yet un-intrusive.

CCTV Security Systems

At Active Supply & Design we ensure that our CCTV security systems are designed to individually fit each and every self-storage facility as well as fitting into your specific requirements and budget. We make sure that our CCTV cameras cover all important areas of your building as well as every aisle to act as one of the main crime prevention components.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems provide invaluable and controllable security management, whilst satisfying customer demands for high security for their personal possessions. Whether you want your access control system to only allow authorised access into your building or an individual unit is up to you and how much flexibility you would like to allow your customers.

Intruder Alarms

Our intruder alarm systems are all wired centrally to an alarm panel which can in turn be connected to a Redcare centre which monitors 24/7 for your peace of mind as well as your customers’.

Please contact us for more information on the different types of security systems available for your self-storage facility.