Self Storage Association UK (SSA)


Active Supply & Design are proud to be members of the Self Storage Association in the UK (SSA) and support the association at every opportunity in the UK and across Europe. We regularly sponsor the Self Storage Association trade shows and give help and advice whenever needed to its members.

The Self Storage Association UK (SSAUK) are the main trade association representing self storage facilities in the UK. The SSA's mission is to support the self storage industry and set the standards of quality in UK self-storage buildings. This allows the general public using self storage facilities to be sure that the member facilities meet a specific set of standards and rules.

The SSA supports its members and helps to raise awareness of the benefits of self storage. They arrange an annual conference and also periodic member's meetings where we all get together and share ideas and information about self storage fit-out, management and investment.

Being supplier members of the Self Storage Association in the UK allows us to make sure we are providing the best UK recognized service, by benefiting from the SSA’s:-

  • Set UK Standards & Best Practice
  • Self Storage Industry Research & Annual Reports
  • Networking, conferences and meetings for debate and update
  • Expertise in the benefits of self storage for business & personal use
  • Promotion of industry interests

The Association recognizes that the main uses of self storage are for personal reasons e.g. divorce, retirement, downsizing and business stock and archiving. In answer to this, Active Supply & Design work hard to meet the design requirements of both individuals and businesses whose needs can differ largely.