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Some signs can enliven the commercial locations they are placed in but many signs, particularly those on self storage buildings, bear little or no relation to the scale, the character or the appearance of the self storage building or the character of the area. Large or dominant hoardings or concentrations of adverts can harm the appearance of self storage buildings and the amenity of an area. For instance, signs that are likely to distract drivers or cause other hazards on the highway are not acceptable.

Avoiding unnecessary illumination can also contribute to the objective of energy conservation. Signs should be designed so as to minimise clutter, obstruction and visual intrusion and enhance the street scene. Central government's Planning Policy Guidance Notes (PPGs) are referred to when seeking planning permission. PPG19 Outdoor Advertisement Control 1992 sets out the considerations of amenity and public safety as the basis for the control of advertisements. PPG19 advises that local planning authorities should have regard to the effect of an advertisement on the appearance of the building or on a visual amenity in the immediate neighbourhood. The cumulative impact on the distinctive character of the locality is relevant.

The Regulations prohibit the display of advertisements without local planning authority consent, although a wide range of advertisements (including some illuminated advertisements) are either excepted from control or may be displayed with deemed consent. In exercising their powers under the Regulations, local planning authorities are required to have regard to amenity and public safety.


If your self storage building has to undergo structural improvements or alterations that will affect access in and out of the self storage building, you will have to seek self storage Building Regulations Approval.

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