Building Structures and Mezzanines


If you're looking to expand your existing self-storage facility or want to build the optimum number of units for your self-storage construction project, mezzanine floors are the perfect solution.

Mezzanine floors in self-storage buildings are hugely beneficial as they allow for multilevel storage units within the facility, provided the site has sufficient height clearance, therefore providing additional revenue streams.

Before you begin with installing your mezzanine level, you must ensure that it meets with building regulations, which are one of the most complex set of rules ever devised and complying with them is a formidable task. This is an area where the value of using Active Supply & Design can be truly recognised.

During the design phase of your mezzanine, we include means of achieving compliance with building regulations and regularly deal with local authorities and the fire brigade to ascertain the correct level of protection for your mezzanine and building as a whole. We only use inspectors who have been approved by the Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors so you can be sure that all regulations are met.

When you place your order, the wheels are then set in motion with the local authority by means of the completion of application forms, provision of working steelwork drawings, structural calculations, electrical schematics, escape route and distance analysis and the list goes on. These are all dealt with efficiently and with professionalism to ensure that at the end of the project, a final certificate is obtained from the local authority.

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