Self storage components themselves


If you're thinking about constructing your first self storage facility you have come to the right place. Here at Ask Active we can help you to decide what the best options are for your specific self storage construction project. Converting a warehouse into a self-storage facility is a specialized construction process and our many years experience in the self storage industry, in the UK and across Europe, can provide that all-important self storage concept to completion solution for your warehouse conversion.

We can provide all of the component parts for your self storage projects, but what exactly are these competent parts?

The Basics

Hallways and Corridors

Self-storage units come in all shapes and sizes. They usually come in a row of units accessed from a corridor or hallway. In order for your facility to become a success, amongst other things, you will need it to be secure and clean with our corridor walling systems being manufactured to meet your exact needs and last a lifetime. The number of each building component required to fit-out a floor of self-storage units and corridors, depends on the building’s floor plan and size. With our expert advice and in-house design teams can create the most cost-effective design for your self-storage facility, taking all local building regulations into account.

Dividing Walls


For 25 years, our UK designed and manufactured partitioning systems have been constructed, tried and tested. We have successfully installed them into hundreds of self storage facilities right throughout Europe. Our aluminium-zinc dividing walls are the market leader. They are manufactured to be clean, secure and bright, helping your facility impress and stand out to your clients!


We provide a huge range of different self storage doors and self storage door options including roller shutter doors, swing doors in both flush and corrugated varieties, door locks (all of which can be double or over padlocked and door frames; which you can have in a variety of colours. The choice of self storage doors is of huge significance when designing your self storage facility. We are more than happy to talk you through your options and advise you on what doors will be best suited to your facility.


Whilst you can set-up, manage and operate your brand new self storage facility utilising our standard partitioning system, as seen in the previous pages, you can also include "Add-On Options" to further enhance your new system or even rejuvenate your existing system.



Kickerplate is a great and effective solution to your facility's corridor walling system if it suffers from damage caused by trolleys or movement of large items through the aisles. Kickerplate comes in a number of different heights as well as in either aluminium chequer plate, colour matched steel or galvanised material.

Corridor soffit and Mesh


A Corridor Soffit is most commonly utilised on either a ground floor only self storage facility or on the top level of a mezzanine floor. It is used for the most part to cover up unattractive roof constructions or to fix electrics to, but is also used as decorative cover. Along the same lines as corridor soffit, mesh is utilised where no ceiling exists above the self storage units and additional security is therefore required. The mesh however, is only installed above the units themselves. We offer an innovative mesh product that is the only one of its kind in today’s self storage marketplace. Not only does it offer far greater protection and security but it is also easier and quicker to install, and available in a wide range of colours to match your corridor system and doors.



Did you know that self-storage lockers are the highest yielding products in a self-storage facility? Why? Because the smaller the space, the more expensive the rate becomes. For example - charged at £5 per week, each locker will return £78 per sq foot and each locker configuration can be stacked 1, 2 or 3 high depending on the design of your self storage building. They are also extremely flexible and can be placed in those awkward areas of the building where little else can be done with the space.

Our self storage services, self storage systems, self storage doors, mezzanine floor and mezzanine flooring systems are provided across the UK and Europe.


Ask Active’s systems are specifically developed for you and your self storage development needs. We know that starting your own self-storage facility can be an overwhelming process, so at Ask Active, we make it a simple and clear cut as possible.

If you have a building that is suitable for self-storage please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. We can offer a preliminary design and estimate over the phone.