Self-storage Construction or Fit-out


Here at Active Supply and Design we want to guide you through the setup of a self-storage facility, from concept to construction, and help you develop a successful storage facility. Whether you decide to construct a new build facility or already have an appropriate warehouse that you are looking to fit-out, we have the experience, design and manufacture know-how to guide you each step of the way.

Our "turnkey" self-storage solutions provide our customers with a complete fit-out service including all of the various product elements that make up a self-storage facility. This self-storage fit out service is literally Active Supply and Design working with you to build your facility from start to finish, helping you to concentrate on the preparation of marketing campaigns and ultimately filling the units.

Ideally you need three things to set up a self-storage facility; money, property and ambition, but in practice, if you already have two out of three, you have got the chance to make a success of self-storage.

Active Supply and Design are on hand to help you succeed in self-storage by advising you on basic aspects such as unit mix planning, phasing, and design considerations through to more complex decision necessities such as building regulation approvals, software requirements, facility marketing needs and licence agreements.

From site selection to local demographics, traffic flow, financing, pricing, to self-storage feasibility studies and beyond we can help you to decide what the best options are for your project. We can then design and construct your self-storage facility to meet all of these requirements and include all of the elements that you need with the assurance that you're dealing with the most respected self-storage construction consultancy company in Europe and that your project will be completed on time and on budget.

To discuss how Active Supply and Design can help with your self-storage project, contact us today.