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Whether you decide to create a new build self-storage facility or already have an appropriate warehouse conversion opportunity, we have the self-storage experience, design and manufacture know-how to help guide you each step of the way.

The first thing you need when setting up a self-storage facility is a location and premises. Active Supply and Design can advise you as to whether your site is ideal for the purpose or unsuitable. Ideally, your site should be located on a main road with large volumes of passing traffic, have a densely populated catchment area, large and clear signage, little or no local competition and the right amount of floor space to serve your customers. In the UK, depending on many factors, the optimum rentable area for a facility is from 25,000-75,000sq ft.

So now you’ve got your location sorted you need to think about the design. When designing the layout of a self-storage facility there are a number of key components to consider such as loading access points, toilets and amenities, fire exits, goods lift, customer parking and the visibility of the building. Active Supply and Design can advise you on the best options for your particular premises, layout and unit mix.

Whilst facilities do require aisles for fire escape purposes, the design of the unit layout within a facility should aim to minimise the number of aisles to minimise non-rentable space. It is also vital that the proportions of each room are suitable for access and storage.

Most self-storage facilities are fitted out in phases, which has great advantages when planning the unit mix because you can start with a mix of unit sizes in your first phase that doesn't necessarily suit the demand.

Converting a warehouse into a self-storage facility is a specialised construction process and our many years of experience in the self-storage industry can provide that all-important self-storage concept to completion solution for your warehouse conversion.

When it comes to choosing your advertising signage, there are many elements to consider such as the size of the signage and illumination. For instance, signs that are likely to distract drivers or cause other hazards on the highway are not acceptable.

General warehouse operators are recognising the added value of integrating self-storage into their existing business. In doing so it is important that you are offered the right advice and the right products to suit you. Self-storage, in most circumstances, lends itself ideally to storage and removals warehouses, however we are not suggesting that self-storage will replace your traditional storage crates and containers but rather compliment them and offer added value to your business.

When you place your order, the wheels are then set in motion with the local authority by means of the completion of application forms, provision of working steelwork drawings, structural calculations, electrical schematics, escape route and distance analysis and the list goes on.

If you’re looking to speak to a self-storage expert about any aspect of the industry, contact us today.