Self Storage

When considering a new self storage installation in an existing building or in a brand new facility, it is vital to choose a fit-out contractor who can help you from concept to completion and ensure that you are getting the best, most efficient self storage design and pricing quickly with the most precise installation from our experienced self storage installers; using the highest quality materials available anywhere in Europe.

That's why, here at Active Supply & Design, our clients have been returning again and again for over 20 years for further phase design and installations and new build facility fit-outs. They trust Active Supply & Design to design and install their self-storage facilities so that they can spend more time on operational and financial matters.


Our client base is hugely diverse and each and every one is as important to us as the next.

From large multiple site PLC self-storage operators such as Safestore and Big Yellow, to independent multi-site operators, to single site purpose built facilities and to companies who have diversified part of the existing to buildings space to run along side their existing business, we can help everyone, large or small.


We can happily put you in contact with one of our many self-storage clients so that you can hear from them about what we do, how we do it and indeed do what we say and that our huge amount of industry experience can be used to help your own personal venture in self storage to become a success.